Innovate, scale, repeat – confidence from start to finish.


Take the guesswork out of innovation. From knowing where to start to getting innovation done, our speedy results-oriented process is ready to take you where you want to go. It’s as simple as answering these 5 key questions.


Clarify the need…

How much innovation do you really need? What holds you back? EdgeDweller begins by assessing your innovation needs as well your organization’s ability to move forward. We then quickly identify obstacles to success and build the path to overcome them. Driven by common language, consensus building, and proven process, we can install, repair, or replace existing innovation process with customized solutions that will move your organization from consensus building to implementation. Again, and again.

Prepare for innovation…

There are four different innovation types. Start with an understanding of which one you need. Use our unique portfolio views to confirm your growth outlook, identify growth gaps, and select the innovation types that best fill the gaps. Next, create success metrics to clarify the role of the innovation type and make sure everyone agrees. Only now are you ready to move forward. Remember 50-75% of all new initiatives start in the wrong place. This step is a big one.



Prepare for creativity…

Now that we have determined what success looks like, it’s time to assemble the team to get you there. Common practices are to knock teams off-balance by focusing on industry experts, creative types, or other methods. Our years of research have proven quite the opposite. We create teams based on the careful balance of cognitive diversity – six distinct blends of critical and creative thinking. Each unique profile contributes differently through a set of “hero tasks.” Ask about our Thinking Profile Assessments, one of our clients’ favorite tools, and how they relate to building highly effective teams.

Create and classify ideas…

Only now that we’ve removed the obstacles to innovation, clarified metrics for success, and assembled the best team possible, are we ready for ideation. EdgeDweller’s Intentional Creativity™ process combines a selection of our 7 Genius Thinking Patterns, universal emerging trends, and unmet core needs to turn creativity into one of the most productive assets within your organization. In six hours or less, a well-balanced team with the right agenda will create up to 500 ideas, and narrow those to 10+ disruptive ideas. These session results will evolve into valid ideas of the future.


Manage Risk

Build the path to the future

Remember, big ideas only count if you put them to work. We start by defining the future state clearly. Next, we create the path with a series of innovations from where you are today to the future. We then use EdgeDweller’s frameworks to add the granular detail needed to build out the initiative. These incremental steps reduce risk and assure long term growth. Finally, we look to our success metrics to prove and maintain feasibility along the way. This ultimately leads to pain-free launches and increases implementation threefold.

Innovate industry, invigorate culture, or ignite social change – start here.