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Real life innovation – see what it looks like across industries in action.

Consumer Products & Services

Retirement solutions are failing. Baby boomers are leaving the workforce in droves and average life expectancy is growing by decades. Supplemental income streams and new ways to define assets are critical pieces of the future. In a few short days, EdgeDweller radically redefined financial security for the aging population. With the hall closet quickly transforming into a new system for building assets, the way Americans think about and plan for financial security will never be the same.


Innovation installation

Today, organizations are scrambling to install innovation as a culture or a core competency. Some start by embedding innovation in a small specialty team, while others train all employees at different levels. After training 200+ senior and middle managers and the executive team in a recent program, 12% of all participants were converted to active innovators. 0 to 12 in under 4 months is a serious lift in innovation capacity.


I was able to facilitate an ideation session immediately after a six-hour workshop using EdgeDweller’s Genius Thinking Patterns.

us air force

What would happen if we reinvented the wartime supply chain? Turned it into a digital network leveraging blockchain? Or flipped it into 100% made to order leveraging additive manufacturing technologies? Visionaries from the Air Force are checking out new ways of problem-solving and disrupting status quo for some of the military’s most significant challenges with EdgeDweller’s Intentional Innovation® workshops. We couldn’t be more excited to help our country’s heroes.


Looking to build internal capabilities in innovation and quickly see innovation results, Moog choose a six-month leadership development program to teach emerging leaders the innovation process and give them experience practicing the methodology on the organization. After six months, Moog had new processes, new team assets, and a new roadmap with valid growth concepts shifting up to 25% of revenues into growth.


Did you want Franchise with that?

With franchisor-franchisee dynamics restricting an organization’s agility, EdgeDweller is blazing ahead using workshops that bring everyone to the table, next generation growth analytics, and common language to bridge the gap. Collaboratively created innovations reduce trepidations by creating solutions that ensure the short-term success that franchisees need while moving to the future state selected by franchisors.

Financials & Business Services

By creating a radically reinvented service platform that generated 81% intent to purchase and 25% switch rates during prototype testing, EdgeDweller was able to create a platform that generated retail growth that antiquated previous tactics. By targeting new market entrants and addressing the pain points of unbanked and underbanked consumers, organic growth was seen to add greater value than the M&A status quo in the financial services market.

Non Profit

Innovation in the fast lane

The days of 6-12 month innovation prep cycles are over. Too much time almost guarantees your launch will be dead on arrival. In as little as 10 days, we create groundbreaking innovation that keeps up with the accelerating rate of change. And when it comes to ideation, we help you spend time wisely. Using only six to eight hours, we generate an average of 500 ideas which will narrow down to 10(+) valid disruptive future states ready to be converted into a low-risk series of launches.

Non Profit

Start with a picture of two individuals who had a realization that innovation held the key to significant mission impact. Now fast forward to an innovation strategy group that uses EdgeDweller’s Intentional Innovation® process as its internal operating system. Today SourceAmerica takes low impact initiatives off the table, improves the performance of programs on the table, and creates new innovations needed to keep on the path to growth. SourceAmerica has zoomed up the innovation ladder to ensure long term empowerment of persons with disabilities.


We immediately began to apply what we learned about transformational change to sort out the role creativity and arts can play in bringing higher learning institutions into the future.

Herman Miller

Created three different iterations of the “office of the future.” Exploration was conducted to determine which component of the office would be the lead in office decisions of the future. Identified strategic alliances necessary to complete offering.

American Cancer Society

Repositioned and helped modify the business model to “help save lives from cancer.” Created a new, concrete approach to success metrics, new business/ nonprofit collaborations for the future, VC based funding approaches, and helped launch multiple new products, services, and programs.

GE Energy

Created the “conduit to household management” as the category changing future for a major hardware product. Successfully identified the five milestones of how the category would evolve; three of which have already been realized.

Financials & Business Services

Driving the financial services industry into the future, new service platforms are in the rollout phase and headed for radical industry disruption. Now offering a wider variety of financial products ultimately headed for empowered clients equipped to make better decisions at lower cost, Cherry Bekaert is both seeing the benefit of the short-term value-add and preparing for the disruption of the financial services industry.

Media & Entertainment

15 years ago, with newsprint in steady decline, EdgeDweller was tasked with reigniting growth. By identifying long-term growth assets, EdgeDweller reinvented the paper boy into the consumer delivery channel of the future. Transforming newspaper delivery into the delivery of a wider range of products and services, and supported by delivery partners and neighborhood distribution pods, the concept has evolved from the past to where it is today.

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