EdgeDweller’s Intentional Creativity® process uses three fundamental tools to create ideas. One of these tools is a continuously evolving set of Emerging trends used to drive thinking and ideation into areas previously not considered. In order for an emerging trend to be added to the list, it should be present across multiple industries and have long-lasting growth potential. These trends are typically the result of a shifting landscape led by a series of events or a significant disruption like the one we are seeing now.

As of March 2020, we have evaluated significant shifts in several of our existing trends and identified three new emerging trends. We don’t typically share these trends as they take a significant amount of research to prepare, but, in light of the disruption caused by COVID-19, we wanted to share these in hopes that they will help our clients and friends accelerate their recovery.

1 – University of Me

  • Give me the content I need from the world and give my content to the world in need
  • Development, curation, certification, degrees, feedback, distribution, facilitation

2 – Me Hubs

  • Connect me, accommodate me wherever I choose with everything I need to discuss, perform, produce, hide, or act-out
  • Physical space kits, online platforms, virtual environments, digital platforms, hub communities

3 – Gig500

  • Shared economy on steroids that delivers exponential benefit for start-ups to Fortune 500s
  • Products, services, solutions, resources, teams
  • Exponential value – think big

Click here for a video where Susan Reed goes into more detail on these trends and how to use them.