EdgeDweller Thinking Profile – Behavioral Assessment

Your innovation thinking profile – fast, insightful results

The EdgeDweller Thinking Profile – Behavioral Assessment is built to provide an individual with a quick understanding of how he or she blends creativity and critical thinking as he or she problem solves. The results of the Behavioral Assessment are used to inform casual team assembly and are perfect for individuals or organizations looking to engage with the innovation process and generate excitement for innovation.

This test is also great for companies looking for a high-volume, quick solution to engage and generate excitement within individuals and teams for innovation.

While less in-depth than the Performance Assessment, this test is the perfect opportunity for individuals to gain a better understanding of what their “hero tasks” are when it comes to advanced problem solving, and how to select individuals with opposite “hero tasks” when assembling teams. This test comes highly recommended for anyone who spends at least some time problem solving, is interested using thinking profiles to improve team balance, or would like to play a more useful role on innovation teams.

Clocking in around 10 minutes, this quick assessment is automatically graded and immediately creates a report that explains in detail what an individual’s thinking profile is and how they can embrace their profile to improve advanced problem-solving results.