Growth Analytics

Start at the beginning – understanding where you are before deciding where to go

The lack of a simple and objective method to clarify growth outlook, identify growth gaps, and agree on the type of innovation to fill those gaps creates confusion and frustration on the path to innovation. EdgeDweller’s analytical frameworks and consensus building tools embed common language and objectivity into the decision-making process. Results are agreement on where to innovate, how much to innovate, and how fast to move.

Our analytical frameworks present an in-depth view of existing products, services, or programs, and tell a fast story about the growth dynamics of each. Using EdgeDweller’s veritable “tool kit” for growth analytics, clients clarify whether they are leading or following and make more informed growth decisions based on short and long-term goals.

Organizations are often stunned by how quickly these tools cut down to the heart of their business with original insights, otherwise unheard. They tell us growth analytics have proved invaluable in rationalizing innovation ROI, by eliminating the bad, strengthening the good, and creating the new.

Today our clients are using these simple tools for growth plan overhauls, re-evaluation of M&A activities, and even replacement of the annual strategic plan. Contact us to find out more about how our approach to growth analytics is evolving into an independent DIY tool.