Harness your creativity – good ideas that you’ll actually use, easier than you think

Creativity gets a bad rap. Sure, ideation is a lot of fun, but after all the excitement has gone, an unbridled multi-member brain typhoon is unlikely to yield a great deal of ideas that are disruptive (or even on topic). By providing proven structure and making ideation sessions intentional, you can put creativity to work and triple implementation rates.

One piece of advice we’ll share for free: starting with ideation is the worst thing you can do. You must first know what type of innovation you are creating, why, and how it will be evaluated. Only then are you ready for our outcome-based approach​​ to ideation that is fast and reliable. We make creativity intentional by using Genius Thinking Patterns, universal emerging trends, and unmet core needs to generate ideas that solve your organization’s innovation challenge. After idea creation, we use a process to quickly illuminate those that will have the most impact.

With the right approach, creativity can be fast and reliable. Given one-day and a balanced team of critical and creative thinkers, we can count on producing ten great disruptive ideas, no matter the client, industry, or problem-solving scenario.

It’s important to remember that ideation only matters if great ideas move to implementation. We have turned cows in Tanzania into new dairy ecosystems, converted hall closets into retirement assets, and evolved trusted autonomous systems on earth to self resilient, self-repair networks at ISS (International Space Station).