Paths to the Future

Take charge of your future – start disrupting, one safe step at a time

The most common response to a truly disruptive idea is, “Wow! That’s really incredible, but we could never do it.” By breaking up disruptive ideas into a series of small steps, organizations can reduce risk while broadening the scope of attainable innovations.

Because most companies can’t go from 0 to 60 at lightning speed, EdgeDweller creates a series of innovations to determine the most reasonable path from the present to the future. A purposeful definition of the core elements of success helps create this turn-by-turn roadmap to the future. It makes use of existing infrastructure, adds value propositions at every step, and is continuously improved via predetermined success metrics. No quantum leap required.

No longer dismiss big ideas formed during ideation as too difficult, or unreasonable. Use Paths to the Future to make disruptive innovation doable. Minimizing risk, making launches easy, and keeping you on target for your disruptive future state, a smart path to the future is the recipe for low-risk, long term disruption with each phase providing growth informing improvements on the next.

Not only does Paths to the Future make long-term growth possible but it drives the feasibility, informs the best launch, and leave clients saying “I’ll never use one off innovations again.” EdgeDweller’s Paths to the Future allow you to stop filtering out the best stuff. Suddenly, ideas that would never have been considered are made a reality.