Rick Anwyl


“Making the nearly impossible a reality” is Rick’s contribution to EdgeDweller thinking. After building and selling two communication companies of his own, Rick works with corporations such as Coca-Cola, IBM, and Interface to help create and implement strategic platforms.

From the launch of cable news to the turnaround of “big blue,” Rick has ridden the wave of how people and businesses communicate with one another. Early in his career, Rick gained a reputation as an outstanding conceptual thinker whose strategic vision held special value for organizations at the crossroads. His thumbprints are on some of the more notable corporate stories of the past 30 years, including the launch of CNN, the leveraged buy-out of RJR Nabisco, IPOs for Polo Ralph Lauren and Accenture, and the Lou Gerstner turnaround of IBM.

He currently lives on a 37-acre farm in Georgia, is an outdoor enthusiast, an accomplished fly fisherman, and a reputed junk collector.