Susan Reed


Susan Reed has helped launch hundreds of products and services in over 25 different industries for more than 175 brands. She has worked within the non-profit, for-profit, and government sectors with organizations such as Heifer International, AARP, Disney, Equifax, The United States Air Force, and NASA.

Her rich experiences have led to a deep understanding of innovation practices; where they succeed, and where they fail. At EdgeDweller, she helps organizations define the future using innovation best practices that are driven by insightful analytics and Intentional Innovation®.

In addition to helping companies achieve above-industry-average performance in revenue, share, margin and mission measures, Ms. Reed has created a replicable innovation operating system that;

— Manages Risk

— Improves Ability to Create Original and Disruptive Ideas by 240%

— Triples Implementation Rates

— Creates Game-changing Solutions of the Future

— Teaches Transformational Leadership Skills

— Builds Innovation Capacity within Organization

Often referred to as a “creative scientist”, two of Ms. Reed’s most significant contributions include the deconstruction of disruptive creation into a series of seven thinking patterns and an acute understanding of how to blend critical and creative thinking to build advanced problem-solving teams.