Millennials tend to get a bad rap, but they are making waves by choosing ethically, socially responsible products and services. This aligns with Planet Positive, one of what we call our Emerging Trends. It focuses on how to support and make a positive impact on hunger, health, the environment, life experiences of those with disabilities, climate, energy, and those suffering from abuse. How will your organization keep up with the Planet Positive expectations of this generation that is entering and changing the marketplace?

For example, Burger King is testing the “Impossible Burger,” a plant-based burger that seems to go against their traditional Whopper to keep up with the demand for alternative proteins.

FirstBank is targeting millennials in their marketing by focusing on “banking for good,” and providing a kind and helpful presence to bankers in the younger generation.

This also begs the question, how will our Emerging Trends change with the coming generations, and which will remain the same? Leave a comment below to share what you believe will become a trend of the future.

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