Fast-Track Executive

Transformational Solutions, One Safe Step at a Time



The Fast-Track Executive program is designed to move through innovation challenges and opportunities quickly and deliberately.  Work directly with EdgeDweller, CEO, Susan Reed* in one-on-one retainer relationship.

  • Over the past 30 years, Susan has helped launch more than 200 products and services for over 200 brands representing more than 25 industries including  government, non-profits and the private sector – from start-ups to Fortune 50s.  Some of her client work includes Disney, GE, BCBS, Cox, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, NASA, AARP, and many others. 

 Success will be driven by Executive’s organizational expertise and commitment to positive change, and by EdgeDweller CEO, Susan Reed’s innovation expertise with 200+brands and commitment to results.  

How it Works

  • Assess Your Needs
    • Innovation
    • Priorities
    • Org Challenges
    • Leadership Alignment
    • Current Innovation Tools
    • Team Capability/Capacity
    • Short-term Vs. Longer-term Goals, etc. 
  • Identify Your Thinking Profile
  • Create Your Priorities 
  • Set Your Schedule 

Common Areas of Focus

  1. How can I transform my organization and minimize risk at the same time?
  2. How can I get my leadership team to agree on innovation needs; how can I get my innovation team(s) to deliver against those needs?
  3. Which initiatives should I eliminate, improve, or transform?
  4. What is the best approach for assembling great teams; building out different levels of expertise?
  5. How can I ignite creativity in my organization?
  6. How should I improve my current innovation toolkit?
  7. What role, if any should innovation process have in my organization?
  8. How do I jumpstart innovation?
  9. What are my three most important areas of focus moving forward?


  • Month One
    • Needs Assessment Session
    • Agenda Setting Session
  • Months Two – Twelve
    • Two Scheduled One-Hour Meetings per Month
      • Challenges and Problem Solving
      • Tool Kit Discussion
      • Process or Solution Critique
    • One Extra Q&A Session per Month as Needed
  • Month One Money Back-Guarantee

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