One-Day Workshop

Transformational Solutions, One Safe Step at a Time


This full-day (spread across two half days) workshop dives deep into three critical components of innovation and applies new skills where most impactful. It addresses relevancy to overall innovation process and to your organization by teaching short-cut techniques for how to engage important stakeholders, providing experiential opportunities for learning, and facilitating application of new skills for company-related solutions.


How it Works

  • Dives deep into three topics…
    • a – Building Portfolio Views to frame-up your growth outlook, your growth gaps, AND to get everyone to agree
    • b – Using Thinking Profiles to assemble better innovation teams
    • c – Igniting Intentional Creativity to create valid, game-changing ideas – fast
  • Selected topics are delivered as a full-day interactive skills development and problem solving workshop


Questions Answered

  1. Why should innovation be at the top of your agenda?
  2. How can you use analytics to get permission to innovate?
  3. How do you put together advanced problem solving teams?
  4. How do you create bigger and better ideas that work?
  5. What is the best path to longer lasting growth?


Schedules and Fees

  • Day 1: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm; Day 2: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Location: Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Travel Recommendations
  • $12,500 – $17,500 based on # participants (10-20)
  • Food and materials included.

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