EdgeDweller Thinking Profile – Performance Assessment



The EdgeDweller Thinking Profile – Performance Assessment provides extremely precise and specific results of an individual’s thinking profile based on a comprehensive understanding his or her use of creativity and critical thinking during problem-solving. EdgeDweller spent years of R&D designing the Performance Assessment to provide insights that lead to perfect team assembly. The results of the Performance Assessment are used to empower individuals to use their unique thinking profile at specific steps within the innovation process and to provide individuals with customized recommendations to improve their problem-solving outcomes.

This test is an invaluable tool when it comes to leadership selection and dedicated innovation team assembly. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s distinct thinking styles allows for the creation of perfect teams using precise levels of creativity and critical thinking. Teams built with insights gleaned from the Thinking Profile – Performance Assessment will produce higher impact results.

Considerably longer and more in-depth than the Behavioral Assessment, this test is a tool for individuals and teams who plan to lead their organization’s innovation endeavors. Providing a level of detail needed to direct innovation teams, the Performance Assessment is perfect for an individual who spends a significant amount of time problem solving or for team’s ready to optimize their performance and increase their production of highly-creative and valid disruptive ideas.

Clocking in around 90-120 minutes, this test is evaluated by problem-solving experts within EdgeDweller’s team. Due to the specificity of the test, results can to take as many as 5 business days. Explaining in detail the primary and secondary thinking profiles of the individual, and including customized recommendations for development, reports are published to the “My Reports” page on an individual’s account within the EdgeDweller website, with a notification email sent when results are ready for review.


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