“The EdgeDweller approach fits right in because it allows you to not only have a process but at the same time know that you can pivot, you can move, you can be agile as a large organization. If we don’t, then it’s going to be to our demise.

– Allen Connely, Executive Director Arc of Seneca Cayuga

EdgeDweller focuses on teaching people how to use Intentional Innovation® so they can take it back and ignite it in their organization.

Over the course of a year, Allen Connely, Executive Director of Arc of Seneca Cayuga, attended a few short workshop sessions on the EdgeDweller process. In this podcast, we sat down with Allen to see how he took what he learned in the workshop and put it to work in his organization.

Putting Your Workshop to Work with Allen Connely

In our conversation, Allen addresses the need for organizational agility and explains how the Intentional Innovation® process relies on launching smaller, incremental innovations that lead to bigger, more disruptive solutions, allowing organizations to adapt and improve at each step.

Having first-hand experience taking an idea through a series of iterative steps to create new service lines for his company, Allen explains that “with this process, you don’t have anything to lose, but you’ve got a lot to gain.”

How will you reinvent the future of your business using the EdgeDweller process? Create your future at one of our upcoming workshops.