Simply? It’s the introduction of something new that provides value to its user.

Our Point of View:

Although innovation is fun to talk about, at EdgeDweller, we believe innovation doesn’t mean anything unless it is implemented. We believe the best innovations are those that produce sustainable value and growth over long periods of time.

We find the best way to ensure an innovation is implemented is to take a series of steps, from consensus building to idea deconstruction to make sure it is intentional. Even if you create the biggest, best, most disruptive innovation, if you don’t have a plan to get it into action, it’s just an idea.

How We Put Innovation to Work:

How do you know where to start?

EdgeDweller builds the case for innovating by evaluating where your products and services exist in their lifecycle and against your industry. This informs what magnitude of innovation you need.

Knowing where you are today opens the doors to agreement on where you need to be tomorrow. Further by defining what successful innovation equals up front, you can more confidently create a path to the future, knowing what will and won’t work, and what will and won’t be accepted by the organization.

How do you create a new idea?

To introduce something new, you must engage your creativity. But what if you see yourself as more of a critical thinker? There’s a place for everyone at the table.

Successful innovation is all about the blending of critical and creative thought to build ideas of the future that will actually work. We wrap creativity in critical thinking, so you and your team can create ideas and align them with your purpose and direction.

How do we put innovation into action?

Once you’ve set up criteria for success, created ideas, and selected a concept, it’s time to move forward. We take ideas from the abstract and put them into action by creating a series of smaller innovations that build towards your big idea. Each step is safe and informed by the prior so that it informs the path toward your future.

When it’s intentional, innovation is safer, smarter, and longer-lasting.

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