Team Building

Build better teams – cognitive diversity and the problem-solving team of the future

With complex problem solving as the most in-demand skill set of the future, today’s teams must perform at a higher level. When we realized that cognitive diversity was the cornerstone of advanced problem-solving teams, we went on an exhaustive search to find a test that adequately measured an individual’s unique blend of critical and creative thinking levels. Reluctantly, we were driven to create our own tools.

Today, using our assessments, we are able to assemble higher performing teams with greater skills in complex problem-solving. We have found that teams built in this way outperform others when it comes to disruptive innovation. Making team-building radically easier and more efficient, these assessments have become some of our client’s favorite tools.

With EdgeDweller’s Thinking Profiles as the foundation of team assembly, we are able to maximize each individual’s value by allowing them to perform their “hero” task. Assigning individuals to roles where they are most likely to succeed, and identifying who should lead and why, creates an engaging, inclusive environment for all. Not only does this boost productivity, but it is also an essential first step in building an innovation culture.

From kick-starting engagement to evolving culture, EdgeDweller’s Thinking Profiles are an invaluable asset to team construction.