EdgeDweller Thinking Profile – Performance Assessment

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Instructions to Take the Tests
The Performance Assessment includes two parts; one part tests for creativity while the other part tests for critical thinking. You will need up to 2 hours to complete both tests. Saving answers will allow you to return to a test. To return to an in-progress test, click the “In-Progress Assessments” tab on the “My Account” page.

1. Complete the creativity test first. Please remember to save your answers as you work through the test. Further exercise instructions are embedded within the test. The creativity test is an open-ended test and following the exercise instructions is essential for successful completion. Please take the time to read the instructions within each exercise.                                                     

2. Once you have completed the creativity test, proceed to the Watson-Glaser critical thinking test. You will be taken to a Pearson TalentLens page with instructions on how to set up a new Login ID and Password. This will allow you to re-enter the Watson-Glaser test in the event you cannot complete it in one sitting. Please remember to record your Login ID and Password as soon as it is created.

Once you have completed both tests, you may log out and close your browser window. Within 10 business days, you will receive an email indicating your results report is ready. Once you receive the email, you may log into your account to see your results.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please email Wolfgang Reichard or call 404.414.8889 for assistance.