“Deployment is an indispensable piece of the puzzle and requires at least as much attention as the quest for new discoveries and technological solutions.”

In a recent article, Singularity Hub broaches the subject of going “the last mile.” Likewise, our focus, is on not just creating big ideas, but moving them to implementation.

We are excited to see an article which shines a light on recent developments with our client, Heifer International in their efforts to build social capital and help “local communities establish local cooperative associations.” Heifer understands and puts into practice the belief that just having the right technology doesn’t solve the problem, there must be a focus on getting the solution to the people it was built for.

The president of the African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwumi Adensina also highlighted the problem with implementation saying that “technologies to achieve Africa’s green revolution exist. For the most part, they are all just sitting on the shelves.”

That’s the challenge – understanding how to pull the technological and human aspects of innovation together to reach long-lasting growth. Heifer understands that with new technologies and innovations, it’s not just about the big solution. If it doesn’t get implemented, it doesn’t matter.

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