“To create is to bring something into existence through imaginative skill.”

Our Point of View:

Good News! Creativity is something that is innate. Even if you feel like you’ve lost it, you can get it back.

How We Put it to Work:

Being creative comes naturally to some and is foreign to others. In a NASA-funded study, Dr. Land discovered that 98% of children at the age of 5 had genius levels of creativity. But that percentage drops to just 2% at age 31. So even if being creative feels unnatural now, there’s a 98% chance you used to be creative, and you can absolutely get it back.

Through our research and testing at Hambidge Center, we found 7 thinking patterns that people with high levels of creativity use when creating ideas and solving problems. Now that we understand these distinct patterns, we’ve translated them into short, simple exercises that anyone can use to bring new ideas to life.

So, there’s a 98% chance that you’re a creative genius. Now it’s just a question of reigniting that Genius. That’s why we train using Intentional Innovation®.

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