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big ideas


/big īˈdēə/
plural noun: big ideas

Def: An innovative solution that leads to above average industry growth or performance for a significantly longer period of time than the average product or service lifecycle

See also: repeatable process, growth analytics, cognitive diversity, intentional creativity, speed, scale, and security.

and make them work

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Heifer International

What do 14 decision makers, Intentional Innovation®, and 10 days in a lodge in Mbeya get you? Four future states that are changing the world of dairy in East Africa. Together, EdgeDweller and Heifer’s exceptional leadership team redefined dairy ecosystems, created mobile micro-processing units, and evolved a hawker-to- drone distribution channel. Project funding was available 30 days after creation and 3 of 4 futures states are in launch phase one year later.

I’ll never use one-off innovations again!” EdgeDweller helped convert the outdoor electrical meter into an in-home operating system. Beginning with the launch of smart meter, a series of five innovations were created to evolve the dumb meter into an integrated consumer-controlled home operating system.

EdgeDweller hones in on what’s really important.” In an increasingly complex world full of rapidly changing customers, diverse global economies, and new market business models, our proprietary approach to growth analytics clarified and simplified RE/MAX growth decisions and opened the doors to faster growth.